9 Major Types of Advertising

  1. Brand Advertising – most commonly seen type of advertising wherein brands (products / services) make an effort to establish long term identity or image in the minds of its target (branding).
  2. Retail or Local Advertising – advertising done by local stores that directly states availability of product or services. This aims to encourage traffic to come into the store.
  3. Political Advertising – a form of advertising that promotes politicians.
  4. Directory Advertising – a type of advertising that shows a listing of companies, products or services. The most popular type of which is the Yellow Pages
  5. Direct-Response Advertising – a direct way of stimulating a response, usually a sale, through direct contact to prospect via mail, telephone, e-mail and now short messaging system (SMS).
  6. Business-to-Business Advertising – a type of advertising that focuses on a certain niche in the business industry (retailers, wholesalers, distributors or industrial / professional brackets)
  7. Institutional Advertising -or otherwise known as Corporate Advertising, wherein the message is focused on establishing a general look or identity of a company into the minds of the target audience.
  8. Public Service Advertising – the message communicates in behalf of a good cause or prevention of a bad situation from happening
  9. Interactive Advertising – advertisements run by webpages or via digital media

Source: Advertising: Principles and Practices (International Edition) by Wells, Burnett, Moriarty

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